Sharon Osbourne got up close and personal with Enrique Iglesias on her new talk show. She convinced Enrique to take off his t-shirt for the interview and noticed a bite on his belly, which he was coy about but likely matched the teethmarks of girlfriend Anna Kournikova. Sharon's dog Minnie even took a liking to Enrique, prompting Sharon to quip, "You're the only person she hasn't bitten. Even my dog wants to hump you."



Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova served up a saucy display on a trip to the beach.As the pictures show, the romantic pair gave sunbathers and joggers an eyeful as they snuggled up on a bench.


Tennis babe Anna, showing off her tattoo straggled a now mole-free Enrique before getting stuck into a passionate snog.


The Latino singer then slipped his hand down the back of Anna,s trousers in Santa Monica, California.

The couple, who snogged in a nightclub loo in the video for Enrique,s single Escape, seem to enjoy a bit of public passion.




Mia Myers has told News of the World how she was seduced by Enrique Iglesias, when the singer cheated on girlfriend Anna Kournikova in his London hotel room. "He seduced me very slowly and sexily as we watched MTV," sighed Mia, 25. "It would have spoiled the moment if we had moved to the bed, so we made love on the carpet. He undressed me as we kissed on the floor. First he took off my top, then my bra. He was a fantastic kisser." After Enrique stripped himself, she recalled, "I just looked at him and thought, You're flawless'. He has a fantastic face and a great body. And he just knows how to make a woman feel good." Read more.

:::THE mystery is solved.

After 17 days and a search the length and breadth of America, the ENRIQUE IGLESIAS mole hunt is over.

The Latin singer has had his trademark beauty spot removed and above is the photographic proof. Enrique was finally collared outside the Brazil Grill restaurant in
New York by a male fan who wanted a picture with the star. The fan, Marosh Aluz, noticed the mole was missing but he was too gobsmacked to say anything. Computer boffins at Bizarre have examined the picture and believe it is genuine. More than two weeks ago I told you about the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the most famous mole in music. Enrique nearly got thrown out of Las Vegas bar Light after bouncers failed to recognise him without his little blemish. But after my revelations, he went to ground and has not been seen in public since. Last night, attempts were made to interview the liberated mole but its exact location is still unknown. Enriques pals believe it may have been smuggled into Syria where it is relaxing in a safe house


:::Enrique sans mole,sans Anna and has fun in
Las Vegas.

Enrique Iglesias, sans mole and sans Anna Kournikova, made the Vegas rounds Thursday night. He and couple his friends- Tara Reid and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr -started their evening at Caramel, then caught a bite at China Grill and ended up at Sapphire, the Industrial Road gentlemen's club.
The New York Post reports Enrique Iglesias recently flew with some friends from
Los Angeles to Las Vegas on his Gulfstream jet for two days of partying, but upon arrival at Light, the door people were skeptical. A staffer pulled one of Iglesias' friends aside and said, "That's not Enrique. Where's his mole?" Did the singer have his mole surgically removed? Read more

:::Enrique and Anna: the blooming love.

Us Weekly reports Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias recently were invited by Jon Bon Jovi to hang out backstage at their Fort Lauderdale, Florida concert. "They didn't leave each other's side for a minute," a source revealed. Iglesias even "got Anna anything she wanted. It's obvious he cares a lot for her."

E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias were spotted dining together at Avenue in the Four Seasons Hotel in
Toronto. Enrique sported a dark blue dress shirt and silver jewelry, while Anna was "her usual va-va-voom self". A bodyguard hung out nearby while Enrique entertained Anna with an animated story, as she happily hung on every word.

:::Enrique Iglesias was at the Nasdaq-100 tennis tournament in Key Biscayne,
Florida on Thursday night watching rumored on again off again girlfriend Anna Kournikova play. He was sitting in her VIP box and was swamped by girls taking photos with him and getting autographs. Anna lost the match but has she won Enrique's heart again?

:::Enrique and Anna Split Up?

Latin pop hunk Enrique Iglesias has split from his tennis star pin-up Anna Kournikova girlfriend because of his supposed infidelity. The stunning Russian reportedly rowed with the singer after he was spotted in intimate situations with several women at the MTV Europe Awards in November 2002 - and the arguments degenerated to a break-up just before Christmas. A source claims, "As much as he hates being compared to his dad Julio, there are some striking similarities. Enrique's eye for the ladies is certainly one of them. He had a great time at the awards - until Anna found out and gave him a hard time, to say the least. They always had a volatile relationship and things kicked off massively after that weekend. They initially patched things up but they had only papered over the cracks. It's serious this time." source: Soundbuzz

:::Kournikova's Rage At Enrique's Masseuse

Tennis babe Anna Kournikova flew into a jealous rage backstage at an Enrique Iglesias concert when she realised his masseuse was a stunner. Sexy masseuse-to-the-stars Dot Stein was called in to rub the Latin hunk down before a recent show in Berlin, Germany, but she was too good looking as far as the Russian pin-up was concerned. Stein reveals, "Enrique is so sexy and I was looking forward to working with him - Anna had apparently shown an interest in having a massage too." "But when I arrived Anna was like, 'Over my dead body. I'm not interested,' and that was that. She wasn't arrogant in any way. It's a natural reaction - he's very attractive. I still got to watch the show from the second row." (WENN)

:::Enrique Iglesias is one of the worlds hottest male sex symbols and with his father, Julio's, pedigree, that's what you'd expect of the Latin superstar. The star is back in the
UK charts with tearjerker ballad Maybe. Enrique, we can reveal, is making plans to move his stunning looks on to the big screen. He's already signed a deal with a top Hollywood studio and they plan to remake the classic teen movie The Golden Disc, which makes a star out of a music-mad teenager. The thing is, Enrique has told studio bosses that he wants his real-life girlfriend - tennis "star" Anna K - to play his girlfriend in the movie, too. With no visible acting experience between them, this might prove fatal. But as Enrique revealed: "Together, we will be movie dynamite." Let's hope so! Shooting starts on The Golden Disc in April, 2003.

:::Love Hewitt too "Dorky" for Enrique

Movie stunner Jennifer Love Hewitt denies that she and heart-throb singer Enrique Iglesias have ever been an item, despite rumours to the contrary. The Tuxedo star worked with the Spaniard on his Hero video, which involved a lot of kissing and romance, but admits she's not his type of woman.


:::New balls please, Anna

TENNIS babe Anna Kournikova could hardly miss the ball when apal decided to whip down his trousers as she shared a dinner date with lover Enrique Iglesias. The 21-year-old and her Latino pop star fella were dining on sushi with friends at the appropriately named NOBU Japanese restaurant in Londons Park Lane. But they nearly choked with laughter when their mate served up his meat and two veg, mooning passing pedestrians from an upstairs window. Leather-clad Anna and her man covered up completely as they left the restaurant, cuddling up in the back seats of a minibus as it sped off. Two hours later they arrived at the posh Lanesborough hotel at Hyde Park Corner and ran in through a side entrance.


ANNA KOURNIKOVA threw a tantrum when she was told she couldn't meet PRINCE CHARLES. The tennis star went with boyfriend ENRIQUE IGLESIAS to the Royal Variety Performance at London's Apollo Theatre but found she wasn't down on a security list for the royal meet-and-greet. An insider back stage said: "Kournikova was furious that they wouldn't let her meet Prince Charles. They told her that they knew who she was but that didn't make any difference." Meanwhile ENRIQUE triggered a feud with LIONEL RITCHIE over the show - screened on BBC1 tonight. He decided to scrap a planned duet with the soul legend but Lionel only got the news after a long flight from LA. Furious Lionel wanted to confront Enrique but the Latino's security people made sure they didn't meet. His spokesman said: "Enrique felt he had to cancel the duet because he hadn't had time to rehearse."


Singer Enrique Iglesias, son of Julio, is selling his bayfront estate on Miami Beach's Sunset Island I -- before ever moving in. Iglesias, 27, bought the property in December 2000 for $3 million and is now asking $9.7 million -- after a mega renovation. Main house has five bedrooms, media room and pool. Guest house is three stories with a rooftop Jacuzzi. Coldwell Banker's Carlos Justo and Todd Clark have the listing. Iglesias, who lives in *** *****, has been romantically linked to tennis babe Anna Kournikova, but got spotted smooching with model Emma Jones in Barcelona. He has his eye on an even bigger spread on Biscayne Bay.

:::IT'S hard to be a Latin love god when people keep suggesting you are going bald. But Enrique Iglesias tried to quash rumours that he is follicly challenged when Jonathan Ross confronted him on TV last night. The crooner constantly sports beanie hats and onlookers have noticed that he combs his hair forward to cover up an apparently receding hairline. But when Wossie asked Enrique if he wore silly hats to cover a dodgy haircut, he whipped it off to show the audience a full head of hair, saying: "It's not dodgy. I do have a full head of hair now." Enrique also confirmed for the first time he was dating tennis star Anna Kournikova, adding: "You can't just be friends with Anna." The sexy singer was recently voted among the top 10 male bodies. And in another fans' poll about his new haircut, two per cent said they'd love him even if he was bald.

:::A wild weekend in

Enrique Iglesias clearly enjoyed a wild weekend in London. The Spanish heartthrob stepped out of the Mayfair Club at 4am after enjoying cosy drinks with fashion designer Nick Smith, and inflatable model Alicia Douvall . It was her first night out since suffering a miscarriage last a week ago. But the evening didn't exactly go to plan for 27-year-old Enrique, when he was mobbed by fans inside the VIP area. One excited clubber told us; "It was pure madness. A load of girls got a little bit overexcited. "They barged their way through the VIP barriers and were screaming like mad. They all wanted to meet Enrique desperately." .



Enrique Iglesias Sweetland @ 2003 .


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